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5 Lesser-Known Facts About Tennis Legend Venus Williams

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5 Lesser-Known Facts About Tennis Legend Venus Williams
Venus Williams is a name synonymous with tennis greatness. Her powerful serve, relentless drive, and graceful presence on the court have earned her a place among the sport's elite. But beyond the accolades and high-profile matches, there are intriguing facets of Venus’s life and career that many might not know. Here are five surprising facts about this tennis icon that go beyond her on-court achievements. 

1. A Champion of Education: 

Business Savvy Beyond the Baseline: While Venus Williams is widely celebrated for her athletic prowess, her intellectual achievements are equally impressive. She holds a degree in Business Administration from Indiana University East. Balancing the rigors of professional tennis with academic pursuits, Venus has demonstrated that her talents extend far beyond sports. Her education has not only enriched her personal growth but has also provided her with the skills to manage her own interior design firm, V Starr Interiors, and a successful athletic apparel line, EleVen by Venus Williams. 

2. A Passion for Plants: 

Venus, the Vegan Advocate: In 2011, Venus was diagnosed with Sj√∂gren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease that affects energy levels and causes joint pain. To manage her symptoms, she adopted a vegan diet, which she credits for significantly improving her health and performance. Venus has since become a vocal advocate for plant-based living, promoting its benefits for both health and athletic performance. Her commitment to veganism reflects her broader dedication to wellness and sustainability. 

3. Artistic Endeavors: 

The Painter Behind the Player: Venus Williams's creativity isn’t confined to the tennis court. She is also an accomplished painter. Her artwork often reflects her experiences and emotions, providing a unique outlet for self-expression. Painting has been a therapeutic activity for Venus, allowing her to unwind and explore different aspects of her personality. This artistic side of Venus showcases her multifaceted nature and her ability to find beauty and inspiration in various forms of expression. 

4. Breaking Barriers: 

A Trailblazer for Equal Pay: Venus has been a formidable advocate for gender equality in sports. One of her most significant off-court victories came in 2007 when Wimbledon agreed to award equal prize money to male and female players, largely due to Venus's persistent campaigning. She wrote an open letter to The Times in 2006, highlighting the disparity and calling for change. Her efforts were instrumental in ensuring that female athletes received the recognition and compensation they deserved, cementing her legacy as a trailblazer for women's rights in sports. 

5. Philanthropic Ventures: 

Giving Back to the Community: Beyond her professional achievements, Venus is deeply committed to philanthropy. She has been involved in various charitable initiatives, including the Yetunde Price Resource Center, named in honor of her late sister. The center provides assistance and resources to victims of violence, reflecting Venus's dedication to using her platform for positive social impact. Additionally, she supports numerous youth programs, helping to inspire and empower the next generation through education and sports.


Venus Williams’s life is a testament to the power of resilience, versatility, and advocacy. Whether she’s smashing records on the court, pursuing academic excellence, creating art, fighting for equality, or giving back to the community, Venus continues to inspire with her multifaceted achievements. These lesser-known aspects of her life highlight the depth and breadth of her contributions, making her a true icon both within and beyond the world of tennis. 

Photo: Freepik (Not Venus Williams) 

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