Monday, 20 May 2019




Diatchenko leads the head to head 2-0 and also has the better record on clay courts, I will be looking to lay Kudermetova at anything below 1.40

Saturday, 18 May 2019


PITER (3.15) V ZARAZAU (1.41) 

Both are comfortable on clay but Piter slightly more so, both similar players in that they can lack power and not able to hit their opponent off the court so I am expecting long rallies and quite possibly three sets. I will lay Zarazau at her current price and if she dips to below 1.20 during the first set I will relay and look to exit anything above 2.0

Thursday, 16 May 2019



HALEP (1.34) V VONDROUSOVA (3.80) 

Vondrousova leads the head to head 1-0 winning this year in Indian Wells, both players are excellent on clay courts but I just favour the slightly more aggressive game of Vondrousova here and happy to lay Halep at her current price and look to exit at 1.80, if she starts well then relay at 1.15 during the first set and work on reducing liability

Sunday, 12 May 2019

WTA ROME: BEGU (2.40) V PUIG (1.60)


BEGU (2.40) V PUIG (1.60) 

Begu leads the head to head 2-0, both players at home on clay but the big difference is Begu is more consistent, Puig is very attacking, hits the ball flat and hard but is prone to making a lot of unforced errors and Begu will try to keep the rallies long and wait for those errors. I will lay Puig at 1.60, look to exit at 2.40 if Puig starts well and hits 1.26 during the first set then it is a relay and work on reducing liability.

Monday, 6 May 2019




Head to head is tied at 1-1, Ostapenko won the only time they met on clay but that was 4 years ago, Ostapenko has struggled for form since winning the French Open but I fancy her to have a strong clay season, Bertens has been excellent for the last 18 months on all surfaces but I just think Ostapenko’s flat hitting will cause Bertens some problems and while her serve will be very vulnerable a lay of Bertens at 1.29 carries little risk and a lot of potentials. Look to exit around the 1.70 mark 

STEPHENS (1.92) V AZARENKA (1.99) 

Tied 3-3 in the head to head although they have all been on hard court, I trust Azarenka more than I do Stephens here and would like to back her to win as I think she is mentally stronger, I am looking to back Azarenka at 2.30+ during the first set. PUTINTSEVA (1.56) V PARMENTIER (2.74) Parmentier leads the head to head 3-0 with two of those matches coming on clay, she is very underrated on clay and Putintseva’s serve will be very vulnerable in this matchup, Lay Putintseva at her current price and look to exit and 2.40+

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Madrid Open 2019 KUZMOVA (2.18) V GOERGES (1.80)

KUZMOVA (2.18) V GOERGES (1.80) 

Goerges leads the head to head 4-0, three times last season and once this season Goerges has won in straight sets including once on clay, she seems to have too much for Kuzmova and I am happy to back her to win today. 

KEYS (1.35) V CIRSTEA (3.60) 

Keys doesn't convince me on clay despite winning Charleston, which was on the green clay which is a faster surface than here, Cirstea is someone who can match Keys power and I am happy to lay Keys at her current price and look to exit at 1.80 

MARTIC (2.32) V MUGURUZA (1.70) 

Muguruza leads the head to head 1-0, both players have been in excellent form with Martic winning in Istanbul and before that reaching the SF at Charleston, Muguruza won in Monterrey but I feel she will be the fresher here and will be looking to back Muguruza at 2.20+ 

STEPHENS ( 1.52) V HERCOG (2.76) 

Stephens leads the head to head 2-0, Hercog won Lugano and will be looking at getting some good results on her favourite surface, Stephens is a lay for me outside of the Grand Slams as I am never convinced about her despite all her talent. I am happy to lay at her current price and if she hits 1.20+during the first set then I will relay. 

ZVONAREVA (2.18) V COLLINS (1.79) 

Collins leads the head to head 1-0, Collins is a very good player but still has bouts where she is incredibly inconsistent, this match looks an ideal trading match as it will be difficult to pick a winner but I am happy to lay Collins if she hits 1.40 during the first set as I fancy Bepa to take this to three sets. 

HALEP (1.13) V GASPARYAN (8.40) 

A cheap lay of Halep here as Gasparyan has been in excellent form and it won’t take much for Halep’s price to move up to 1.25+ with very little risk.

Monday, 29 April 2019




Buzarnescu has been struggling for form over the last few months and Kuznetsova while in decline is still very accomplished on clay and I am happy to back her at her current price and look to exit at the 1.40 mark. 


Both players very much at home on clay, I am happy to lay Kuzmova at her current price and look to exit around the 1.90 mark. Head to head is tied 1-1 


Potapova is a very good young player and while this a tough draw I am happy to lay Sevastova at 1.22 for full stakes as Potapova should be able to keep these very close for a few games and get Sevastova’s price to move to 1.40+ 

VOEGELE (1.28) V CEPELOVA (4.30) 

Voegele is a very inconsistent player and Cepelova very much at home on clay, Similar to the Potapova match I am laying Voegele at her current price and look to exit around the 1.45+ mark during the first set 



Bacsinszky leads the head to head 6-1, Although I think she will win I also believe she will trade higher than her current price due to her poor form, I think this game will be decided by makes the least amount of mistakes as both in poor form and I am laying Bacsinszky at her current price and look to exit 1.70+ 

MARTIC (1.83) V HERCOG (2.14) 

Hercog is a brilliant clay court player if she can stay fit then she should have an excellent season, I am backing her at her current price and will look to top up if she hits 2.80+ during play. 


Lay Arruabarrena current price - Back 2.50+ 


Back Zidansek - Lay at 1.40 

BOGDAN (2.30) V CORNET (1.68) 

Cornet is a lay as she has been in such poor form and against an accomplished clay courter in Bogdan I will look for an exit at 2.0+

Friday, 26 April 2019




Gasparyan leads the head to head 3-0 and although all of these have been on the hard court there may potentially be something about the matchup that Kudermetova struggles with. Both are fairly at home on clay and in decent form with Kudermetova reaching the QF at Lugano in her last tournament. I favour Gasparyan for the win here so am going with backing her to half stakes pre-match and will manage my position in play, If Kudermetova starts well then I will look to lay her around the 1.30 mark to bring my average price down. 


AZAREKA (2.16) V KONTAVEIT (1.83) 

Azarenka leads the head to head 2-1, Kontaveit is a player I have a huge amount of time for as I believe she is a future GS winner but the simple fact is she hits the ball very flat and very hard and this is perfect for Azarenka. I will back Azarenka at the start and exit will be around the 1.40 mark 

BERTENS (1.78) V KERBER (2.24) 

Head to head is tied at 2-2, Both are in decent form Bertens has always been a great player on clay and Kerber is always a handful with her great defence and sledgehammer of a forehand. Again here I would have the odds a little close as I think this is a bit of a coin toss of a match and we will see three sets but I favour Kerber’s greater defensive skills to be the deciding factor. Lay Bertens current price, look to relay if she touches 1.35 during the first set and look to exit at 2.40 with initial lay and if relayed then exit points should be adjusted.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

WTA Stuttgart: MERTENS (1.46) V KASATKINA (3.05)

Mertens WTA Stuttgart 2019

MERTENS (1.46) V KASATKINA (3.05) 

Both these players good on clay but especially Kasatkina who has a career record of 83-27 compared to Mertens 65-40. Head to head is tied at 1-1 with Mertens winning their encounter on hard courts and Kasatkina winning the only time they have met on clay. I am happy to lay Mertens at her current price as I fancy Kasatkina to cause her a lot of problems today. 


Sevastova leads the head to head 1-0 having won in Moscow in 2015 when Ostapenko retired trailing in the second set having already lost the first set. Neither player has been in particularly good form but Ostapenko looks totally shot of any confidence and once the match starts going against her she seems like she cannot turn it around. Both very happy on clay but I have to favour Sevastova here and will look to back her at anything above 2.20+ 

TORMO (2.04) V PETKOVIC (1.91) 

Both players happy on clay but I just favour Tormo here as Petkovic can be very hit and miss and seems to be even more unpredictable. Tormo reached the QF at Bogota and has come through both her matches here so far. I expect a fast start from Tormo so happy to back her above 2.0+ and will work my position from there. I either see Tormo winning in two or it going three sets.

Monday, 22 April 2019



ZIDANSEK (2.96) V MARTIC (1.49) 

Zidansek is a real threat on clay and this is a huge price to back her at, Martic is also good on clay but there is no way she should be half the price of Zidansek. Martic reached the SF at Charleston on the green clay but this is very different here. Zidansek 154-40 win-loss record on clay as she blitzed the tournaments not eh ITF circuit last season and is a great price here. I am laying Martic at her current price and will lay again if she hits 1.20 during the first set. 


Looks a coin toss of a match but the simple fact is Kuzmova is in better form that Siniakova who has only won three of her last ten matches and looks very short on confidence. Similar to the other matches I want above 2.0+ before backing Kuzmova here. 



Both players have in good form on the ITF circuit, I Monticone leads the head to head 1-0 having won the final they contested last season in two tight sets, clay is the preferred surface of both and I can see this going to three sets. I favour Minnen for the win but want a bigger price before I back her so will be looking at 2.40+ in play 


Friedsam came through yesterday as expected although I did take her three sets. Smitkova career win-loss on clay courts is 93-76 and it would not be classed as her greatest surface. Friedsam is very much at ease on clay and this will be a close match but I just favour Friedsam to come through and will be looking to back her at 2.20+ in play.

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