Wednesday, 16 September 2020

WTA Rome - KONTAVEIT V KUZNETSOVA Over 20.5 games EVENS (17th September)



Kontaveit leads the h2h 1-0 having won a tight two set match here two seasons ago, both players are very happy on clay and Kuznetsova although not quite the player she was is still very dangerous on clay with her great variety and this looks set for three sets.

BERTENS V HERCOG Over 22.5 Games 21-20 

Both clay court specialists with Bertens 237-87 win loss record through her career compared to Hercog 281-113. Both are happy playing long rallies and in the only match they have completed Bertens won in three sets and I expect the same again.

Saturday, 12 September 2020




Errani leads the head to head 3-0 with two of those meetings on clay and has yet to drop a set. Errani is not the player she was but still a threat on clay and she should not be this price in what could be a tighter contest than the odds imply.


Kalinskaya has a win loss record on clay of 62-31 compared to Diyas 46-44 who is far more at home on the harder surfaces 


Samsanova has a 8-2 win loss record on clay this season and has a decent 20-9 win loss record so far and has looked in decent form, Rus relies on her serve quite a bit and if it is firing then she will be hard to beat but again at the odds the potential and better form of Samsanova has to be the call

Monday, 7 September 2020

WTA Istanbul: Zavatska To Beat Badosa Gibert 6-4 (8th September)

WTA Istanbul 

Zavatska To Beat Badosa Gibert 6-4 

Zavatska leads the h2h 1-0 although the match was to played to completion as Gibert retired having lost the first set and being 3-0 down in the second. Zavatska 92-46 record on clay courts compared to Gibert 119-70 I am expecting a tight match but certainly the value lies with Zavatska here at 6-4

Zavatska is a professional Ukrainian tennis player, born in 2000.  

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Naomi Osaka V Anett Kontaveit Over 22.5 Games @ 6-5 Betway

Naomi Osaka V Anett Kontaveit Over 22.5 Games @ 6-5 Betway 

Both players have looked in good form so far this season. Osaka 12-2 win loss record on hard courts compared to Kontaveit 16-6. Osaka leads the head to head 4-0 their most recent meeting was at Cincinnati last week where Osaka triumphed in three sets with total games recorded at 30 

Elise Mertens V Sofia Kenin Over 22.5 Games @ 11-10 Matchbook 

Head to head Kenin leads 2-0 both last season and both went to three sets with 33 and 26 games in their respective encouters, both very evenly matched and both playing well with Kenin on a 21-8 Hard court record this season and Mertens 16-6 

Angelique Kerber To Beat Jennier Brady @ 7-4 BetVictor 

They have never met before but I have to favour Kerber here at the odds, her great defence will be tested against Brady but also her greater experience in the bigger matches could prove telling here

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Not Much Happening on the Pro Tennis Front

Well, it's been a quiet time on WTA Pro. 

Mark, our tennis trader, has gone missing in action so it is left to me to write posts. As you can imagine, I don't have the slightest idea about tennis (man, woman or child), so all future posts will be very generic. 

Perhaps these post of general reading will make for interesting content. (I very much doubt it).

I can a feeling I will be talking about female tennis players regarding every aspect of their life bar whether they are likely to win or lose a tennis match. 

So, you are as likely to see some tumbleweed rolling than a tennis ball. 

Give me (and you) strength. 

What can you do? I may well contact Mark soon and see how things are going because I can imagine it has been a hard time. To be fair, I am not even sure if professional tennis is taking place and is a betting medium. 

It doesn't really matter if it is or not for me as I don't have the foggiest idea of the state of play. 

Anyway, this is the first of a new breed of post all who wish to find tennis predictions will be looking elsewhere or making their own decisions which is probably a good idea as you don't need to rely on myself or Mark. 

Thanks for reading. 

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Professional Women Tennis Players & Their Amazing Pets

So you love tennis? 

WTA Pro is dedicated to women's tennis. No surprise there, hey. In fact, we leave all those men to get on with their tennis elsewhere. This is the realm of the woman. The only man around here is the author (me). 

Now, this may sound rather strange but I don't know much about women's professional tennis. Sounds strange, hey. Considering I help run this website with the major contributor, Mark, who knows everything about women's tennis because he gives his free tips and he is exceptional at what he does. 

I can almost hear your brain digesting these words as you think well, what do you do?

I run the blog, help promote the posts, and answer any question (pass them on to Mark) if someone asks an inspired question. We (the royal we) don't receive many questions which may be a good thing. 

So if you can't write about women's tennis, are you just like an ornament sitting on a shelf? 

How did you guess!

You wouldn't want to read my thoughts or tips about tennis regarding man, women or child. So I thought I'd opt out and write a post about Professional Women Tennis Players & Their Amazing Pets. 

That's one way to get out of a tricky situation. 

To be honest, there must be a lot of tennis players with adorable pets. I know of one male player who hides his pet budgie named incognito in his swimming trunks, but that's another story. 

However, today, I am going to detail one of my favourite tennis players Serena Williams and her pets. 

In many ways, Serena's first love was her pet Jack Russell Terrier, Jackie.  

Sadly, Jackie passed away in 2015 at the age of 16. She got her beloved pet back in 1999 when she was 17, in fact, a couple of weeks before she won her first Grand Slam. 

Serena said: ''Jackie Baila Pete Williams, I will miss you and your memory will live forever.''

In addition to Jackie, Serena has two other dogs Lauralei and Chip (pictured at top of page).

That's Lauralei a Shih Tzu and Christopher Chip Rafael Nadal a delightful Yorkshire Terrier.

Who doesn't love their pets? 

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Hard Times for Tennis Traders

Well, what can we say? 

Coronavirus has put pay to sport and tennis is just another game that has been put on pause until the sun shines again. 

It isn't so much game, set, and match but it isn't sugar and spice and all things nice that's what Serena Williams is made of. 

Mark, who fowards his tips for this website, has been quiet. I guess, he, like most of us who make gambling our business, is struggling on the sidelines waiting for tennis to liven up and get back to his trading. 

I see horse racing is set to make a return on the 1st of June, which will be a blessing as long as the dreaded R doesn't creep over 1 and created another problem on top of a problem. I'm fearful of everything at this moment. I guess tennis is the ideal sport for social distancing with only a tennis ball being the point of contention. 

When will this end? 

When will live, sport, betting, love, hope, and dreams return like the white dove of peace with the olive branch in its break. 

How much we have taken for granted. In truth, we didn't realise we needed to be grateful for anything which is probably our greatest. 

All those who bet, gamble, invest understand the odds. Even in the toughest times human nature and the will to fight on will prevail. 

With time, the tennis games will start once more, the trading will begin and the money will come. 

Good luck to all. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Tennis Players Struggling to Put Food on the Table

The implications of Coronavirus are affecting sport from top to bottom. 

With all tournaments put on hold, we see the difference between the top-flight players and those who were struggling to make ends meet. 

The Coronavirus has made life difficult for many pro players 

We have seen great acts of charity with the likes of Novak Djokovic who pledged 1 million euros to buy medical equipment for his native Serbia. While Rafa Nadal has asked Spanish athletes to help raise 11 million euros to fight Coronavirus. 

Added to those generous efforts, Roger Federer is giving 1 million Swiss Frances to vulnerable families in Switzerland. 

However, professional tennis players who are down the pecking order have a very different story to tell. 

For instance, Georgia's Sofia Shapatava, ranked 375th in the women's singles is desperate for financial support and started a petition asking for support from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to support lower-level players. 

The 31-year-old has seen 1,350 signatures on her online petition. She said: ''Not many will be able to support their everyday life and then come back to playing after three months without competition.''

The World Tennis Association (WTA) which runs the tennis circuit, has suspended all tournaments until early June after countries locked down their borders due to the flu-like virus. 

Players who would normally be jetting around the world, are now busy on social media giving support, home workout routines, cooking, dancing and just about everything else. 

While top players can win millions for each tournament - lower-level players struggle to make ends meet with the 2018 International Review Panel report addressed betting and integrity issues that lower-tier players may be susceptible to corruption because of the struggle to make a living. 

It has been assessed that the top 350 players make money from their sport, with many only breaking even. 

Tennis governing bodies have attempted to improve pay and conditions but it hasn't proven enough for those who rely solely on winnings. 

With the pandemic, many players are struggling to put food on the table. 

For example, Britain's Tara Moore, who is ranked 447th in the singles earned $2,800 this year before the shutdown.

She said: ''It is very weird to listen that professional tennis players struggle with food, but that is reality," she wrote in a blog. "Half of the people I know work on (the) side, coach or play club matches, and since the world is on shutdown that is impossible to do. "I will not say that I am in the worst position on the planet, honestly I am healthy, I will have food on the table and my family is doing good, but I know people who feel far worse than me."

Many players are having to dip into their savings or depending on friends and family in these difficult times. 

However, Prajnesh Gunneswaran said:   

"Being laid off in a regular job means having to look for work. In our profession we don't have that issue," he told Reuters. "So in that sense, we are better off than others. So it really comes down to how long this period is for ... usually outside 250 players barely manage to break even."

Saturday, 7 March 2020

WTA INDIAN WELLS (125K): Begu V Tsurenko Over 21.5 Games @ 2.0 PINNACLE

WTA INDIAN WELLS (125K):  Begu V Tsurenko Over 21.5 Games @ 2.0 PINNACLE

Begu V Tsurenko Over 21.5 Games @ 2.0 PINNACLE 

Tsurenko leads the head to head 3-2 they met a month ago and the match went to three sets as they are so closely matched. Three of their five meetings have gone to three sets and I expect this one to follow the pattern of their most recent match and go three sets but it is too close to call a winner in this one. 

Zvonareva V Doi Over 21.5 Games @ 2.10 PINNACLE 

Zvonareva has come through to the semi-final stage with every match going to three sets and Doi has been taken to three sets in two of her three matches so far, neither player has the power to be able to hit through the other so I am expecting a bit of a slog here with two tight sets or three and the points spread to be covered. 


Kenin V Van Uytvanck Over 22.5 Games @ 2.210 PINNACLE 

Van Uytvanck leads the head to head 2-1, they have met on a. A variety of surfaces and two of the matches have gone to three sets the only time they didn’t was on clay. Kenin is the better player and has been outstanding this season with her Australian Open victory and the way she is still playing well after that victory shows huge mental strength. Van Uytvanck is a very good player on indoor courts as shown by her 118-47 win-loss record and the fact it is indoor evens this match up and I am expecting three sets.

Sunday, 23 February 2020


Mertens V Wang Over 21.5 Games @ 2.18UniBet

Mladenovic V Kudermetova Over 22.5 Games @ 2.18 UniBet 

Hon V Tomljanovic Over 21.5 Games @ 2.18 UniBet 

Muguruza V Kasatkina Over 20.5 Games @ 2.04UniBet 

Pera V Garcia Over 22.5 Games @ 2.20 UniBet 

Anismova V Alexandranova Over 21.5 Games @ 1.95 UniBet