Tuesday, 25 June 2019



Kudermetova leads the head to head 2-0, Bencic lost the final in Mallorca to Kenin last week and I am not sure she will be too keen to run deep into this tournament before Wimbledon. Kudermetova is very capable on grass as shown by her 11-6 win-loss record and the fact she has defeated Bencic on grass last season and I will be looking to lay Bencic at around the 1.50 mark.

Monday, 24 June 2019


WTA Eastbourne


Neither has a great record on grass but Collins has played so few matches it is hard to judge and she has the power to cause Putintseva problems here and her aggressive return game will put Putintseva’s already vulnerable serve under even more pressure. Lay Putintseva 

GIORGI (2.84) V HSIEH (1.52) 

Giorgi leads the head to head 1-0, Giorgi enjoys playing on grass as her flat aggressive hard hitting if on form can prove very difficult to handle. Lay Hsieh

Saturday, 22 June 2019


Sofia Kenin WTO Mallorca

KENIN (2.42) V SEVASTOVA (1.69) Kenin done us a huge favour by beating Mertens after losing the first set 6-1 and then just dropping 4 games in the remaining two sets, Sevastova has looked good as well but I just favour Kenin here as she has played the higher standard and beaten the better grass court players so far. Similar to the Bencic match I feel her price is wrong and happy to back her. 

KERBER (1.61) V BENCIC (2.60) 

Kerber leads the head to head 4-3, winning all of the last four and all matches have been straight sets wins for the respective players. Grass is easily Bencic’s best surface and having backed her for Wimbledon this year she has shown a maturity to her game that has not been there earlier in her career, both players have been comfortable here but I have to give the edge to Bencic in this matchup due to her liking of the surface and she is too big a price. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2019



CORNET (2.46) V ANISIMOVA (1.65) 

Cornet struggles on grass as her career record of 16-27 shows, Anismova had a great run to reach the SF at the French Open but she can still be unpredictable as she is still a young player, I am looking to back Anismova her but not at her current price I am looking for 2.0+ before backing to get the win here. 

KERBER (1.84) V SHARAPOVA (2.16) 

Head to head is tied 4-4, Kerber has looked shaky this season so far and appears to be struggling to hit the heights of previous seasons. Sharapova played her first match back for months and as expected she looked rusty in the first set but soon found her range and ended up a comfortable winner, Her serve depending on if it is working well can either be a great weapon on these courts or a huge hinderance but the prices seem a little off to me considering Kerber’s form and I am happy to lay Kerber at her current price and look to relay if she wins the first set at 1.25 or exit at 2.70+ 

KENIN (2.12) V MERTENS (1.82) 

Both players are in decent form but I just favour Kenin who is playing with such confidence and grass will prove no problems for her s her game suits its quite well. Her record currently reads 9-4 compared to Mertens 19-15. Mertens has not really kicked onto to the next level and my fear for her is she has reached her level. I will lay Mertens at her current price and look to exit at 2.60+ if Mertens starts well and hits 1.20 then relay and work on reducing liability.

Monday, 17 June 2019



Lepchenko (3.0) V Sevastova (1.40) 
Sevastova leads the head to head 2-1

Zheng (1.93) V Stosur (2.02) 

Stosur is awful on the grass and I have to lay her here and she really does struggle on this surface which is surprising considering her serve. 

Azarenka (1.68) V Garcia (2.34) 

Garcia leads the head to head 2-0, she has an excellent service and Azarenka has played so little tennis she is struggling for consistency and these courts will play to the strengths of Garcia after her excellent win at Nottingham and I can see her winning here in three or two tight sets. 


Ostapenko () V Swiatek () 

Ostapenko has been in dreadful form and only won two of her last 10 matches and that was on her favoured clay surface, Swiatek had a great run at the French Open reaching round 16 before losing to Halep, she has won her 3 matches her to qualify and her aggressive return of serve will cause Ostapenko huge problems on her service game. I am looking at backing Swiatek at anything above 2.0 as I think she wins this in straight sets. 

Dart (2.40) V Putintseva (1.67) 

Putintseva really struggles on the grass and while she is the better player I suspect Dart although not great on grass will take this to three sets as she has played more on the grass and I am happy to lay Putinsteva around the 1.60 mark. 

Vekic (3.0) V Barty (1.47) 

Vekic loves grass and I have already backed her for success at Wimbledon this year, Barty too but I am concerned how she will react after her French Open win as sometimes it can cause a bit of a hangover. I will back Vekic here and look to exit if she hits minimum1.80 depending on how the match is going.

Monday, 10 June 2019

HERTOGENBOSCH: Rus (1.43) V Schoofs (3.15)


Rus (1.43) V Schoofs (3.15) 

Schoofs lead the head to head 2-0 both wins in straight sets and on indoor hard courts, Run struggles badly on grass despite her serve as shown by her 12-19 win-loss record. Schools has played very little on grass but she does have the game to transfer to it quite well, I am happy to lay Rus at her current price and look to exit at 2.0+ 

Kudermetova (1.93) V Jabeur (2.0) 

Jabeur is by far the better player on grass but neither player has been in particularly good form, I want 2.40+ before backing Jabeur here as I can see this match going to three sets. 

Saturday, 8 June 2019



Lepchenko (1.18) v De Vroome (5.50) 

Lepchenko struggles on grass as shown by her 16-30 win-loss record, De Vroome has a 13-13 record so I am happy to lay Lepchenko at her current price of 1.18 and look to exit around the 1.5/60 mark 

Lisicki (2.30) V Minnen (1.64) 

Lisicki loves playing on grass, her powerful groundstrokes and big serve are ideally suited and grass does not expose her movement as much as other surfaces, neither player has been in very good form but I happy to take a punt on Lisicki enjoying this surface so will lay Minnen at her current price and look to exit at 2.30+ or relay at 1.20 if she starts well and then reduce liability as I can this going to three sets or at least two tight sets.

Sunday, 2 June 2019



Halep (1.21) V Swiatek (5.5) 

Swiatek has been very impressive so far when I watch her the most striking thing is her aggressive return game as she hardly ever lets her opponent settle on their service game. Halep has not looked great so far, just doing enough in her matches as has shown in two of her three matches so far going to three sets. Huge step up for Swiatek here but her clay court career record of 56-9 means I am happy to lay Halep at her current price and will look to relay if she hits 1.08 during the first set as I see three sets here.

Friday, 31 May 2019

FRENCH OPEN: Martic (2.52) V Pliskova (1.64)


Martic (2.52) V Pliskova (1.64) 

Martic leads the head to head 3-1, winning in straight sets the only time they have met on clay but that was 10 years ago so not overly relevant. Clay is Martic favoured surface by far as her win loss record of 145-79 and this season 13-2 shows and also it is Pliskova's least favoured despite winning Rome last week as it does somewhat negate her biggest weapon which is her powerful serve. I think this will be a close contest and will be looking at laying Pliskova during the first set if she trades below 1.40 

Sevastova (1.84) V Mertens (2.18) 

Sevastova leads the head to head 1-0 and is the better player on dirt, I will be looking to lay Mertens below 1.80 as I favour Sevastova for the win without too many problems.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Pro Tennis Trader: French Open 2019

French Open 2019

Blinkova (1.68) V Gasprayan (2.40)

Gasprayan has the better record on clay with a 43-27 record compared to 29-22 and also leads the head to head 1-0 winning last season in straight sets, her fitness is always the concern but ability wise she has enough to cause Blinkova a lot of problems and I will be looking to lay Blinkova at anything under 1.40. 

Osaka (1.12) V Schmiedlova (8.8) 

Schmiedlova is a good player on clay as shown by her record of 140-72, Osaka has improved a lot on clay and while she is highly likely to win this match she is a very cheap lay at her current price abasing a competent opponent and look to reduce liability at 1.25 but leave profit on Schmiedlova 

Ostapenko (4.2) V Azarenka (1.29) 

Ostapenko is a former champion here and while she has not been in good form she is very happy on clay and I expect her to have the game to cause Azarenka problems with her flat hitting, Azarenka has not been at the level she was before returning to the tour and while I expect her to win I am happy to lay at current price and look to exit around 1.70, if Azarenka starts well then relay at 1.15 and work to reduce liability but leaving profit on Ostapenko. 

Gavrilova (1.52) V Krunic (2.84)

Krunic leads the head to head 3-0, lay Gavrilova if she hits 1.30 during the first set. Bouchard (2.78) V Tsurenko (1.54) Lay Tsurenko at the current price, relay if she hits 1.20 during the first set or the start of set two and looks to reduce liability, exit at 2.20 if the first trade is successful