Tuesday, 18 October 2022



Maia 1.70 V Siniakova 2.24 

Recent although favours Siniakova who won Portoroz, Maia has been very consistent racking the QF at Portoroz, Tokyo and Tallinn before losing at the first attempt in Ostrava. Hard court records favour Maia over the last 2 years with a 56-26 win-loss record compared to her opponent's 31-22. I am looking to lay Siniakova at around 1.80 as favour Maia for the win here 

Kalinskaya 3.85 V Krejcikova 1.27 

Kalinskaya wins a loss record 38-22 compared to Krejcikova's 41-23, Krejcikova has burst back into form winning her last two tournaments at Ostrava and Tallinn. Kalinskaya has the power to cause her opponent some problems and although Krejcikova will likely win her price is far too short I am more than happy to lay at her current price and look to lay again sub 1.20 if she starts well. 

Bouchard 1.62 V Day 2.30 

Kayla day is back to building herself back up on the main tour, Bouchard has been poor for some time as shown by her 9-8 win-loss record compared to Day’s 38-18 although most were on the ITF circuit. I expect Day to cause Bouchard some problems and looking to start laying Bouchard around 1.60

Thursday, 13 October 2022

San Diego Open 2022 (13th October)

Andreescu V Gauff 

Hard court stats over 1-year favour Gauff but Andreescu has had fitness problems so looking at 2 years 19-11 plays 36-21 Gauff holds serve more but does have a weaker second serve Andreescu could be good to back if serving to stay in set 80% success Gauff serving for a set around 80% Andreescu wins the first set but does not complete the job in two very often - 3 sets very likely Gauff is good if winning the second set so lay set winner providing stats back it up looks like a decent play 

Andreescu 2.34 
Gauff 1.65 

Keys leads h2h 7-1 6 of those wins have been in straight sets on hard courts, identical 22-10 win loss records on hard courts over the last 12 months, Keys better on all serves, Kasatkina weak second serves, Kasatkina vulnerable on serve at the start of the match, Keys decent serving for set nearly 80% same with staying in the set Kasatkina 100% record if winning first set but Keys decent record nearly 50% of winning the second set if loses first set. Favour Keys to start well so potential lay of Kasatkina especially if she serves first. Lay Kasatkina if she wins the first set look to leave profit on Kasatkina if Keys wins the second set. Keys power game causes Kasatkina problems on fast courts although Keys’ return game can look a bit bland at times. 

Keys 2.32 
Kasatkina 1.61

Monday, 10 October 2022

Today's Tennis Trading Tips (11th October)

WTA Cluj 

Bouchard 1.80 V Kalinina 2.20 Bouchard leads the head to head 1-0 winning on clay 5 years ago, Indoor hard court win loss records strongly favour Kalinina although most were on the ITF Circuit Bouchard 39-26 compared to Kalinina 59-29. Bouchard Lay around 1.40 

San Diego 

Garcia 1.60 V Collins 2.0 Garcia has been superb but did fall apart on her last match in the SF at US Open in very poor fashion before travelling to Tokyo and losing first round, Collins is likely to cause her problems with her powerful all round game. Lay Garcia 

Kudermetova 1.43 V Stephens 3.30 

Kudermetova has been playing well of late but Sloane Stephens is a player that can infuriate as well and amaze, she is to a player to be taking a short price over and normally I only want her on side for the Grand Slams but for a tournament in her home country I feel she could be some value here Lay Kudermetova 

Fernandez 2.66 V Kasatkina 1.60 

Fernandez has not played since the US Open so it would not surprise me to see a slowish start, But she is the better hard court player and has more weapons that Kasatkina. I am looking at laying Kasatkina if she starts well around the 1.45 mark 

Montgomery 6 V Gauff 1.20 

Montgomery is a player to watch and although Gauff is likely to prove too strong her she is far too short a price and I am looking to lay Gauff sub 1.20 as Montgomery can cause her a few issues early on.

Thursday, 29 September 2022

WTA PARMA 2022 OPEN (29th September)


Sakkari 1.42 V Zanevska 3.10 

Sakkari leads the head to head winning 6 years ago at Wimbledon in three sets, Zanevska is very good on clay and the prices here seem very wrong to me, I will lay Sakkari at anything below 1.45 as so far she has been taken to three sets by opponents less capable than Zanevska who in turn has won in straight sets losing just 9 games in her two matches here so far.

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

WTA TALLINN OPEN 2022 (28th September)


Noskova 2.84 V Maia 1.53 

Both players have been in decent form with Maia reaching the QF at Tokyo and Noskova coming through qualifying here impressively to keep up the recent impressive performances from the French Open junior champion. Noskova has a very good serve and powerful groundstrokes but her movement can make her look vulnerable and Maia may be able to expose this but certainly the value is to lay Maia at her current price as I expect the Czech to push her hard. 

Kanepi 1.63 V Ostapenko 2.54 

Ostapenko leads the head to head 1-0, Kanepi has not played since the US Open so although it is her home tournament I would not be surprised to see a slow start from her. Ostapenko reached the final in Seoul where she was beaten by Alexandranova and providing her fitness is ok she is a huge price here. I will lay Kanepi at 1.60 


Galfi 2.36 V Zanevska 1.71 

Zanevska leads the head to head 4-1 although Galfi won the only time they have met on clay, Galfi played well yesterday in beating a below par Andreeva in straight sets, Meanwhile Zanevska also had what looked a straight forward victory over Bronzetti although the Italian did cause her some problems. Both players are very much at home on clay as shown by their win loss records over the last 2 seasons with Galfi 36-22 compared to Zanevska 39-16. Tough match to call but I favour Zanevska so will be looking to back at anything above 2.20.

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

WTA PARMA OPEN 2022 (27th September)



Galfi has not been in very good form losing second round in Bucharest before losing at the first time of asking in Budapest last week. Andrea has been in good form albeit at a lower level on clay this season 26-12 win loss record compared to Galfi 11-10. I am looking to lay Galfi at prices below 2.0 if she goes ahead in the match as I favour Andrea to come through. 


Both players are very happy on clay although Waltert is in by far the better recent form with a 22-11 win loss record this season compared to Zidansek 4-6 although when we compare 2 seasons on clay it shows a far more even picture with Zidansek 25-13 compared to Walters 41-25. I have to favour Zidansek for the win but feel this goes to three sets so will be looking at laying either player if they hit 1.30 in play during the first set.

KOVINIC 1.75 V DODIN 2.30 

Kovinic has been in poor recent form winning just 2 of her last 10 matches. Dodin has been in decent form reaching the SF in two of her last tree tournaments but did retire last week so caution is advised. If Dodin is fit then she is a big price here and I will be looking to lay Kovinic at prices around 1.60 providing Dodin looks healthy and her movement is good.

Monday, 26 September 2022

WTA PARMA OPEN (26th September)


Stephens (1.63) V Frech (2.56) 

Stephens only normally tends to show upper the Grand Slam events so she has to be a lay at this crazy price against a consistent but limited opponent. Clay records this season are both poor with Frech 7-9 compared to Stephens 4-5. Stephens is by far the better player but you can never be sure how she will perform out side of the Grand Slams. I am looking to lay Stephens at anything below 1.5 here 

Zanevska (1.60) V Bronzetti (2.40) 

Zanevska is a very god clay court player but Bronzetti should not be this big of a price, Zanevska is a real threat with her return of serve but also she is very vulnerable on serve.Zanevska leads the head to head 2-0 winning both on clay this season their clay win loss records are very similar with Zanevska 11-7 compared to Bronzetti 13-9. I am looking to lay Zanevska around 1.40/5 and green up is hits 2.2

Friday, 23 September 2022

Amazing Online Poker Websites That Accept Canadian Players

Are you ready to play poker online? If yes, then Canada has some of the best sites for Canadian players. Not only are they safe, but they also offer great bonuses and welcome new players from across the globe. In this article, we will be looking at a few of these websites that accept Canadians as well as other countries. 

Play Poker Online 

Poker is one of the most popular games played in casinos online around the world. It’s not just because it’s fun, but also because it’s easy to learn and can be played by anyone who wants to try their hand at it. The game is simple enough for beginners, yet challenging enough for seasoned pros. These sites accept Canadian players and have been designed with them in mind. They offer all the features you would expect from an online poker site such as tournaments, cash games, and even freerolls. 

The Best Online Poker Sites For Canadian 

Players 1) 888poker 

888poker is one of the largest online poker rooms in the world. With over $100 million in annual revenue, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to play on this site. This website accepts both US and Canadian players, making it perfect for those living in either country.  

2) Party Poker 

Party Poker is another big name in the industry. Founded in 1997, this site offers a wide variety of games including Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud, Razz, Deuces Wild, and more. It also offers a huge number of different promotions which include free money, weekly freerolls, and tournament tickets. 

3) Bodog 

Bodog was founded in 1999 and has since become one of the biggest names in the real money online baccarat business. It offers a large selection of games like Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi/Lo and 7 Card Stud. There are also plenty of special events available throughout the year. 

4) Full Tilt Poker 

Full Tilt Poker is another top-rated poker room. It was founded in 2001 and has grown into one of the biggest names out there. It offers a wide range of games including No Limit Hold ‘Em, Pot Limit Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and more. It’s also home to the World Series of Poker, meaning you can win real prizes every month!   

Conclusion There are tons of great poker rooms out there. Some of them may be better than others, but if you want to play poker online, any of the above should do the trick. All of them accept Canadian players and have a good reputation. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Betting On Football Online – A Complete Guide

Is gambling something you'd consider? If yes, then today I want to share some information about betting on football online. Whether you love playing roulette or betting on sports at australian online pokies real money, you probably already know how to get started. You don't necessarily need to start from scratch though...   

Setting Up Your Bankroll 

The first thing that you'll need to do is set up a bankroll. This just means the amount of money that you're willing to risk in one bet. It's important to have this number in mind before you even begin playing. The reason for this is that if your bankroll is too small, you won't be able to afford to lose any bets. And if it's too big, you might end up losing all your money and not being able to play again. 

Know Your Football Stats

If you're going to be betting on football at online casino games , you should also know what kind of odds are available. For example, if you were to place a $10 wager on the Super Bowl, you would receive an 80% payout. That means that if you win, you will only have to pay 20 cents out of every dollar that you wagered. However, if you lose, you will owe 40 cents out of every dollar. So, if you bet $100, you would have to pay $80 back if you lost. 

Pick Your Sportsbook 

Now that you've got your bankroll and your stats figured out, you can choose which bookmaker you want to use. There are many different options available, so make sure that you pick one that has good customer service. Also, look at their reputation. Some people like to gamble with companies that they feel comfortable with, while others prefer to stick with well-known brands. 

Set Your Bet Limits

Once you've chosen your bookie, you'll need to decide how much you want to bet per game. Most people usually bet between 1 and 5 dollars per game. But there are those who go as high as 10 dollars per game. Just keep in mind that the more you bet, the higher the chance that you could lose everything.   

Conclusion - Play With Real Money Once you've decided how much you want to spend, you can actually put down real cash. Of course, you can always play with virtual currency instead, but you may find yourself having trouble getting paid out when you win. In addition, you may find that you have to wait longer than you expected to get your winnings. So, whether you're looking to try your hand at football betting or you're simply interested in learning more about it, now is the time to get started. Good luck!

Different types of horse racing

Horse racing has become incredibly popular in recent decades. Even though it started as an event that was enjoyed mainly by aristocrats, nowadays it’s becoming increasingly mainstream. This means that horses and south african casino sites now compete against each other for millions of dollars in prize money and the attention of spectators. If you don’t follow equestrian sports, then you might be wondering where to start. Let's see below the different types of horse races. 


Also known as “the hunter chase” or “jumping race”, this is one of the most difficult types of horse races, so naturally, it attracts a lot of wealthy people who are willing to spend tons of cash on their favourite horses. The steeplechase is divided into two parts: The running section and the jumping section. During the running section, the horses run through a course that is about 1 km long. They go over fences, jump ditches, climb up hills, etc., until they reach the finishing line.  


A jumper is a type of horse racing that involves many jumps. These are usually made out of wood and consist of three different heights – called rails, oxers and poles. At each fence, the horses have to leap from the ground onto the rail. Then, after clearing all three obstacles, they land safely on the ground before continuing to the next obstacle. The highest point that can be jumped is 18 inches. Oxer is somewhere between 11-17 inches high while the pole is anywhere between 5-11 inches. After clearing all these hurdles, the horses must jump over small water obstacles.  

Hurdle Race 

Similar to the hurdle, the difference between this type of horse race and the hurdle is that in this case there aren’t any water obstacles present. Instead, the track consists of several hurdles which are quite similar to those found in a normal obstacle course. The first time a horse successfully clears a hurdle, he gets a point, while the second time earns him another point. There are four rounds in total; therefore, at the end of the fourth round, the two horses with the highest number of points advance to the final.  

In conclusion, the different types of horse racing include steeplechases, casino joka casino en ligne jumpers and hurdles. It’s important to know how to train your horse for each particular type since every type requires a slightly different approach.

How to be more responsible in horse betting

Horse racing has always been an exciting sport to watch, but it is also extremely risky. If you don't bet only when you're sure you'll win, you might go broke very easily. Horse racing is a sport involving thoroughbred racehorses competing against each other on tracks around the world. Horse races are divided into two types: flat and steeplechase. Both offer unique challenges and rewards, and they come in a variety of formats. For example, you can place straight win bets and multiple wager bets at online casino australia. Let's see below how to be more responsible in horse betting. 

Don’t Over-Betting 

Overbetting is not only bad for your bankroll, but it can have serious consequences for your health, too. If you over-bet on one or multiple horses then it will take away from the enjoyment of watching the action unfold. This means that you may lose interest while watching the races, which could result in you losing money. 

Know Your Races & Bet On The Winner 

It is important to know what races you want to wager on before placing a single bet. You should research the races beforehand, including knowing who the favourite and underdog are. If you do not know anything about a particular race then you cannot be sure if there will be any value in gambling. It is best to avoid placing a bet on a race you know nothing about. 

Be Prepared 

There is no reason why you can’t prepare for all of your races ahead of time. Simply decide whether you want to bet on the winner or draw. Then make the necessary calculations. You must also check out the odds offered by various bookmakers. This way you can ensure that you get the best possible deal for your money. 

Try And Avoid Diversifying Too Much 

Another common mistake made in horse betting and casinoza gambling site is trying to spread your investment across too many different races. When you spread yourself thin, you run the risk of being able to sustain losses for longer periods than you would like. Therefore, try to limit the amount of money you spend on just a few races per day on average. Otherwise, you may end up having poor performance and losing all of your profits. 

In conclusion, horse racing is a fun pastime where people can enjoy spending their spare time. However, this doesn't mean that you can simply put down all of your hard-earned cash at once. Always be aware of your limits so that you don't ruin your finances.

Interesting tips for horse betting

Horse racing is a sport where horses run at full speed over various distances and then race against each other to win prizes. Horse bettors place bets on whether or not their horses will finish ahead of the pack. Some choose to wager on individual races, while others simply go all out for a big sweepstake that pays out millions in prizes. Let's see in the article below some interesting tips for horse betting. 

Bet only with your own money 

This rule applies to all sports gambling, but it’s especially important when you are betting on a horse race at best australian online casino. You should never borrow money from friends or relatives to make an online bet. It’s just risky to do so because if your horse doesn’t earn enough money, your friends and family may be forced to pay back what they lend you. The same principle holds whenever you gamble offline. If you lose, there’s always someone else who can take the loss. As long as you have cash in hand, you don’t need someone else to bail you out. 

Always check the odds before placing any kind of bet 

Odds are the amount of money that one side has to give up versus the amount of money that the other side needs to win. For example, say that you want to lay $100 on a basketball game that is going to end in a tie. In this case, you would set a “side” with 100x2 200 dollars. On the other hand, the other team might be willing to put up 50 x 1 50 dollars. Thus, to have a better chance of winning, you would have to bet more. 

Don’t bet unless you know the outcome 

While it’s exciting to watch a horse race live, you shouldn’t bet until after the outcome is known from online gambling sa. There are many ways to find out how much money your horse won, but the most common way is by looking at the final results posted on the website of the racetrack itself. They usually post the winners within 24 hours. Another option is checking the internet, which means you can look at the final results even sooner than waiting. 

In conclusion, if you want to become a successful bettor, you must practice good money management. Do not spend all of your hard-earned money on gambling. By following our advice above, you will ensure that you get maximum value for your money.

Making An Extra Buck Betting On Horses Online

While horse races are often seen as exciting spectacles, they also offer investors incredible opportunities to earn large amounts of money through the activities of professional handicappers. This section takes you behind the scenes of our horse racing betting strategy at real money mobile casino, showing you exactly what kind of data you need to create a winning system. 

Getting Acquainted  

The first step in developing this system is getting familiar with all aspects of horse racing. There are so many different types of races and events that it can be intimidating at first. But don’t worry, we have laid out everything for you; 

The Classic Race — the Triple Crown. 

The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes make up the Triple Crown. These three major race events are some of the most prestigious horse races in the world. In fact, it has only been done 12 times in history! 

Classic Series. 

This series consists of four horses from each state that compete against one another in the spring and fall. Some states do not participate in the Classic series (such as California). If your state does not participate, then just stick to the Classic races. 

Handicapping Series. 

If your state participates in both the Classic and Handicapping series, than there are additional races held throughout the year. The best part? You get more chances to win! We recommend choosing these races over the Classic races just because they give you better odds (you will learn more about why below). 

Breeders Cup. 

This event was started by Churchill Downs back in 1985, and it is the largest annual horse race held in the United States not at online casino sa just like everyone would assume. It features 10 top-caliber thoroughbreds competing for $2 million dollars.   

Going At It Online 

Once you know how to read a racetrack chart and understand which tracks offer the best odds, you need to decide on an online sportsbook. As mentioned previously, if you choose to use a bookmaker, you must signup for an account using credit/debit cards or a checking/savings account. That way, bettors can deposit money into their accounts as needed. Below we cover the basics of depositing funds, placing bets, and how to withdraw cash when necessary.   

Conclusion: As you learned above, when playing online, you want to avoid a bookmaker and go straight to an online sportsbook. They usually provide much larger bonuses than a bookie, but it’s important to keep in mind that smaller sites may not offer as attractive bonuses. Just remember: it pays to shop around!

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

US Open 2022: JABEUR V TOMLJANOVIC (6th September)

US Open 2022 


Jabeur leads the head to head 2-0 but both matches were on clay and she has not particularly convinced me this tournament but has found a way to win, I thought she would struggle against Kudermetova. Tomljanovic has surprised me as did not think she would be able to handle the atmosphere against Serena and then to back it up by demolishing Samsonova in that second set so I find it quite a tough match to get a pre-match angle on. Jabeur to win maybe in 3 sets 


Garcia leads the head to head 2-0 both matches have featured a tie break both good servers, Gauff has the edge on return and I expect her to win a close contest but am siding with the tiebreaker bet as it looks slightly better value to me at 5-2