Friday 23 September 2022

Different types of horse racing

Horse racing has become incredibly popular in recent decades. Even though it started as an event that was enjoyed mainly by aristocrats, nowadays it’s becoming increasingly mainstream. This means that horses and south african casino sites now compete against each other for millions of dollars in prize money and the attention of spectators. If you don’t follow equestrian sports, then you might be wondering where to start. Let's see below the different types of horse races. 


Also known as “the hunter chase” or “jumping race”, this is one of the most difficult types of horse races, so naturally, it attracts a lot of wealthy people who are willing to spend tons of cash on their favourite horses. The steeplechase is divided into two parts: The running section and the jumping section. During the running section, the horses run through a course that is about 1 km long. They go over fences, jump ditches, climb up hills, etc., until they reach the finishing line.  


A jumper is a type of horse racing that involves many jumps. These are usually made out of wood and consist of three different heights – called rails, oxers and poles. At each fence, the horses have to leap from the ground onto the rail. Then, after clearing all three obstacles, they land safely on the ground before continuing to the next obstacle. The highest point that can be jumped is 18 inches. Oxer is somewhere between 11-17 inches high while the pole is anywhere between 5-11 inches. After clearing all these hurdles, the horses must jump over small water obstacles.  

Hurdle Race 

Similar to the hurdle, the difference between this type of horse race and the hurdle is that in this case there aren’t any water obstacles present. Instead, the track consists of several hurdles which are quite similar to those found in a normal obstacle course. The first time a horse successfully clears a hurdle, he gets a point, while the second time earns him another point. There are four rounds in total; therefore, at the end of the fourth round, the two horses with the highest number of points advance to the final.  

In conclusion, the different types of horse racing include steeplechases, casino joka casino en ligne jumpers and hurdles. It’s important to know how to train your horse for each particular type since every type requires a slightly different approach.

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