Saturday 16 May 2020

Hard Times for Tennis Traders

Well, what can we say? 

Coronavirus has put pay to sport and tennis is just another game that has been put on pause until the sun shines again. 

It isn't so much game, set, and match but it isn't sugar and spice and all things nice that's what Serena Williams is made of. 

Mark, who fowards his tips for this website, has been quiet. I guess, he, like most of us who make gambling our business, is struggling on the sidelines waiting for tennis to liven up and get back to his trading. 

I see horse racing is set to make a return on the 1st of June, which will be a blessing as long as the dreaded R doesn't creep over 1 and created another problem on top of a problem. I'm fearful of everything at this moment. I guess tennis is the ideal sport for social distancing with only a tennis ball being the point of contention. 

When will this end? 

When will live, sport, betting, love, hope, and dreams return like the white dove of peace with the olive branch in its break. 

How much we have taken for granted. In truth, we didn't realise we needed to be grateful for anything which is probably our greatest. 

All those who bet, gamble, invest understand the odds. Even in the toughest times human nature and the will to fight on will prevail. 

With time, the tennis games will start once more, the trading will begin and the money will come. 

Good luck to all. 

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