Friday 18 October 2019

A Beginners Guide to Betting on Tennis

Mark is taking a short break so I'm writing a few general posts. 

I run a number of websites related to gambling, horse racing, and sports betting. I have worked with Mark who is a full-time professional tennis trader for a couple of years. To be honest, I have zero understanding of tennis let alone betting. My area of speciality is two-year-old horse racing which I am an authority. But tennis! Well, I didn't even know the key players in women's tennis. 

I have followed the blog [wtapro] since its creation and I have watched and learned. Have I bet on the information? No. Why? Because I am a true novice when it comes to trading and with my own niche betting I really haven't got time to dip my toe into the pond. I am sure many gamblers are the same with a lack of time to think beyond their speciality. 

Mark is a consummate professional and I am pleased to say this little blog features in the top ranking on Google search engine for many keywords. That is all to do with the quality of the information on this platform. 

I am always trying to push the blog onwards and upwards but it is one of those things that simply happen over the months and years. 

Anyway, if you have experience of betting on tennis then you are welcome to leave a comment or even write a guest post. 

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