Monday 25 February 2019

Professional Tennis Trader: PUIG (2.14) V SAKKARI (1.85)


PUIG (2.14) V SAKKARI (1.85) 

Puig leads the head to head 1-0, the serve and return stats are very close for both players with Puig just slightly ahead in both. She hits the ball, flat, hard and if on form she can be very difficult to beat. I will be backing Puig here at her current price as I have her priced up favourite so am quite surprised to see her above evens, I will look to lay Sakkari if she starts well and hits the 1.40 price during the first set to average out my initial back of Puig. WTA 



Serve and return game are quite similar in this matchup but where Vikhlyantseva will have the advantage is her return game will put Davis under pressure and her serve can be weak at times. I will back Vikhlyantseva at her current price and look to top up if her price hits 2.50.

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