Little bit about myself - I am 41 years of age now unfortunately, I worked in a variety of jobs from office, warehouse, bookmaking and it was that where i caught the trading bug as I only worked there for 4 months. I ended up flirting with horse racing, football, cricket before finding tennis was a great sport to bet on and even better to trade. Everyone seemed to know about men's tennis but outside of the top 10 women no one seemed to have that much knowledge so I set about learning as much as I could on the players lower down the rankings, I became almost a compulsive watcher of as many female tennis matches as I could. I won't lie I lost two banks when I was learning to trade and it has taken me 7 years to reach the stage where I am now full-time tennis trading and have been since the beginning of 2016. 

I research the matches I am going to trade and this also highlights any good value bets as I have built up a good player knowledge and coupled with the array of statistics that are at hand now identifying value bets is not the arduous task it used to be. On a normal tournament week the busy days will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday where I will normally have multiple bet or sometimes just a single bet, later on in the week as the tournament gets towards the business end the bets tend to be single bets.

Please be aware I rarely will be backing favourites, you have to be prepared for losing runs as so far this year I have had two losing runs into double figures but it is the overall profit figure i am interested in and I am confident if you follow everything then you will end the season in profit.

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